Well I have to confess to being a little nervous.  It is always hard to step into someone else’s shoes especially when they have done an amazing job of running the page. When we decided we were going to take over from Sharetographers we were hoping at least someone would post.  You all blew us out of the water. You not only liked the Share Six facebook page but you posted.  And then we flipped over to Instagram and you guys were just amazing.  We were just taken aback at the connection you have made with the theme.

We want to just start off by saying Thank You for your support.  Thank you for sharing both on Facebook and on Instagram.  Welcome to Share Six.  We went from 476 likes when we started up to 609 four weeks later.  We lost a few folk along the way and we were sorry to see them go, but we love having you all with us.  Hopefully we will continue to grow and have more folk joining us and posting.

Narrow depth of field is one of my favorite mediums.  I love that sliver of focus and the blur all around.  Here came the really hard part.  You all submitted amazing images.  I asked each of the Share Six team to pick an image.  From those 5 we have selected one to feature this month. You can click on the images to go directly to the photographers Facebook page.

The winning image was submitted by Tori Aspen of Roots and Twigs l Lifestyle and Fine Arts Photography and will be highlighted during the month of April on the banner of the Facebook page along with the banner of the Share Six webpage.  What I loved about this image was the sharpness, detail and the pop of red of the beetle.  The contrasting light and dark also appealed to me. This image captured me immediately, and I kept going back to it. Look out for an interview with Tori later this month. Congratulations Tori!!


Roots and Twigs l Lifestyle and Fine Art Photography

You can find Tori at the following addresses:

Website & Blog    Facebook    Etsy Fine Art Prints    Pinterest    Instagram

The balance of the Share Six group choice are in no particular order.  Each one had it’s own uniqueness and beauty.


Pretty Pixels Photography


Rebecca Lundin


Myra Sisco Photography


Shannon Kathleen Photography


Thank you again for participating.  Remember this month is water.  Water in any format. We would love to have you share your versions of water on our Facebook page and our Instagram Page.