We are now into the second month of Share Six and we love how engaged you are in sharing your images.  Thank you so much.  We have really enjoyed seeing them.

When Katherine chose the topic Water she was asked if she could explain why she had chosen the theme water.  Here is what she said.

“In thinking about a theme for April, the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” came to mind. Therefore, it seemed only fitting to choose “water” as this month’s theme. Water is something that is easy to access and can be photographed in a variety of ways. I hope you have fun letting your creative juices flow when choosing your own way of interpreting “water”! I can’t wait to see your images!”

We asked you to submit your take on the topic Water and you all submitted amazing images. The Share Six team each pick an image.  It is always so hard to narrow it down to one. However, we do want to share with you each of the images chosen. You can click on the images to go directly to the photographers Facebook page.

Congratulations to PixelusMoments.  Your image has been selected to be featured this month and will be highlighted during the month of May on the banner of the Facebook page along with the banner of the Share Six webpage.

What Katherine loved about this image was that it struck her emotionally. The rain initially made her feel sad, but the wanderlust within her saw the road ahead, through the rain, and made her think of all of the possibilities that lie ahead on that road.



The following images which appear in random order were selected by the balance of the contributing blog team.


Jennifer Wilhite Photography



Cris Stephens Photography



My Artistic Journey



Susan Grimes


Thank you again for participating.  Remember this month is Green.  Green in any format. We would love to have you share your versions of green on our Facebook page and our Instagram page.  Remember for the Instagram page tag #sharesix or #sharesix_green.