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Erica Williams of Woodsy Wonders Photography chose our theme for July.  I asked her to share why she had chosen the theme Kitchen.  Here are her thoughts:

I chose “kitchen” because it is where I spend most of my days. Cooking and baking treats for the family. It is a place where families can get together and share a meal. The place me and my kids bond. It is the heart of the home

Congratulations to Sarah Keene Photography your image has been selected as the featured image, and it will be highlighted on the Facebook page and on this webpage as well.  Click on the image to go to Sarah’s page.


Sarah Keen Photography

What Erica loved about this image was:

I choose this image because it reminds me of my little girl. She is so independent and is always on the counters trying to do it herself. She is our little monkey. This image also has great light and processing.


The blog team each chose an image and they are here below in no particular order.  Click on the images to link to the photographers Facebook page.  Go and like them, you will enjoy seeing their images in your feed. Congratulations to you all.


Salty Air Creations



It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson



Kathy Seifert Araneo



Nicole Crocker


Below are the blog contributor shares for the theme Kitchen for the month of July.  If you have not visited their webpages we encourage you to do so.

BHansen Studios

Woodsy Wonders Photography

Cobert Photography

Kim Sidwell Photography

Sharleen N Stuart Photography



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Look out for our interview with this month’s featured artist,            later in the month.