Sharleen Stuart of Sharleen N Stuart Photography chose our theme for August.  I asked her to share why she had chosen the theme Minimalism.  Here are her thoughts:

Less is more.  The key to creating amazing minimalist photos is Simplicity.  I love simplicity in my life.  I enjoy peace and quiet which is probably why I am drawn to the ocean so often and meandering through the wetlands and the Japanese Gardens.  

This was a hard month to choose from.  There were so many amazing images.  You all out did yourselves and we were so glad to see all your images.  

Congratulations to Beth of JustBethwithAJ your image has been selected as the featured image this month, and it will be highlighted on the Facebook page and on this webpage as well.

What Sharleen loved about your image was:

“This image came in on Instagram really early in the month, and I was immediately drawn to the simplicity and quiet of this image.  I really felt like this was a great interpretation of minimalism.  As the weeks passed I kept going back to this image as it continued to resonate with me and draw me in”




To follow Beth’s work head over to her Instagram page


The blog team each chose an image and they are here below in no particular order.  Click on the images to link to the photographers Facebook page.  Go and like them, show them some love, you will enjoy seeing their images in your feed. Congratulations to you all.


Tracy Bradbury Photography



Megan Dwyer Photography



Fotografie Chantal van den Dool



Cindy Robbins Photography


Lastly, we have the blog contributors share for the theme Minimalism for the month of August.  If you have not visited their webpages we encourage you to do so.


Cobert Photography



Kim Sidwell Photography



Sharleen N Stuart Photography



KG Ledbetter Photography


Now it is your turn – Submit your images to the Share Six’s  Facebook Page or Instagram Page on the theme BLACK AND WHITE.  There will be an opportunity to be featured in October on the Facebook banner page as well as the webpage.  The guest photographer chosen will also have the opportunity to share a little bit about their self in an interview, and finally join the blog team to submit for the following month’s theme. Don’t forget to tag#sharesix and #sharesix_blackandwhite on your Instagram page.