We had an amazing response to the theme Black and White.  Katherine Cobert of Cobert Photography selected the guest feature for the theme and I connected with Angela Juhasz of Earth Angels Photography to find out a little bit more about her and her journey.


Tell us a bit about yourself?  and  Are you a hobbyist or a pro?

My name is Angela Juhasz and I run Earth Angels Photography in Melbourne, Australia.

I have completed a few courses and workshops on photography but have learnt a lot myself by experimenting and practise.

I began my journey in 2009 and went from hobbyist to pro in 2014.

I have 3 children aged from 12 to 8 months and they are usually the subjects (sometimes unwillingly!) of a lot of my artist work.

I define my style as dramatic, soulful and whimsical.  I try and tell a story in each of my pieces.


This was probably the one of the first times I totally did what I wanted with a session, the mother gave me free reign and after I took some “grandmother loves this “ shots of the child smiling and looking at the camera, I went totally in the opposite direction. This was one of the last shots of the session and my favourite. When I put this on- line I used the Jack Kerouac quote “ I saw that my life was a vast glowing page and I could do anything I wanted” It sums up how I feel about my photographic journey and my freedom to do whatever I want.


What will we find in your camera bag?

My camera bag is somewhat full these days and I pack it according to the shoot. Generally you will find my canon 5dm2 with 50mm lens attached.  Then I have an 85mm, 35mm and a 200mm which I adore. You will find a reflector hanging off the bag, a prism and if I am travelling I always take my Australian Flag with me.


This is actually me at the beginning of the year, I was terribly sick during this pregnancy and I didn’t want any photos to remind me. My husband convinced me to take some as I never had any maternity photos with the other children and this was going to be my only chance. I am so glad I did them with the help of my husband and I totally love the edit I did on this one. I love the mood, the drama, the grain and I can hardly believe it is me and my own photo.


Who inspires you?

I guess my inspiration started with the classic artists, Robert Capa, Dorothea Lange, Annie Leibovitz, Francesca Woodman and Mary Allen Mark. But the Facebook photo community is just as inspiring, some of my favourites include Meg Bitton, Sarah Cornish, Sonya Adcock and the beautiful Barb Uil from Jinky Art in Australia.


This image was free lensed and I try and incorporate a free lensed image in all of my sessions. I love how soft the forest looks, how the peaceful the whole image is and the glorious light shining through. It symbolisms, my dream and the direction I want to take with my photography.


What inspired you to pick up your camera initially?

I picked up the camera initially because I wanted some good photos of my own children and I wanted to document our lives together.  I enjoy having unique stand out photos of them and I hope they will be proud of them one day.


This picture was really a happy accident. I was just practising some indoor photography with my daughter. Once I started editing the photo, I realised how special it was. It reminds me of a modern day version of the painting “the girl with the pearl earring”. I love how sometimes the photos that you don’t even think about turn out better than the planned ones.


Photoshop or Lightroom? and why that choice?

I use Light room and Photoshop to process my images. I love both of them and feel they complement each other. I import all my photos into Light room for basic adjustments and finish them off in Photoshop.


This is my newborn son in his bedroom. The room is quite dark but in the morning a ray of sunshine filters through. I took the opportunity one morning to put him in that pocket of light and I really love the end result. I added the gold dust in Photoshop and the picture sits proudly framed on the mantelpiece that is in this image.


If you had to choose one area of specialization what would that be and why?

If I could only photograph one subject, I think I would specialize in children from 4 to teenage years on their own.  I would only photograph the child in an outdoor space as opposed to a studio and the photographs would be dramatic, moody and full of soul. My idea would be that the image would hang in the home as a piece of art and be a unique take on that child and environment around them.


his was taken with my 200mm lens. I love how much blur this lens gives while keeping the subject in focus. The long grass forms a beautiful pattern surrounding the girl giving it a whimsical feel. I love to edit in black and white and I feel that some photos just call for it, this is one of them.


You can view Angela’s work on her Facebook page.

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