We loved the time images and our guest feature this month, Vicki Winston Photography,  truly shared an inspiring image. Without sharing my age it quickly reminded me of the TV series “Days of our Lives” – ” Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives”.  Except in this case there was no hourglass just beautiful hands.  Time passes so quickly.  Make the most of every moment that you have.  I connected with Vicki Winston to learn a bit more about her. 

Tell us a bit about yourself?  and  Are you a hobbyist or a pro?


My name is Vicki (spelt the way where you always have to correct before someone writes it down) thank you parents (well my Mum) as my Dad wanted to name me Victoria (they compromised) I am 30 years old, married and I have 3 boys aged 14, 9 and 7 and a girl aged 12. I remember getting a camera from my parents when I was a young girl and I would always need another roll of film straight away. My husband bought me my first DSLR in March 2013 after using a little red Nikon compact for years. I’ve thought about and taken the plunge once going pro but quickly changed my mind. I don’t think it’s for me, I like the photo side but I lack the business drive to go with it, I think it’s like with most things if it becomes hassle I completely lose interest and I never want to lose my passion for photography so right now I’m content being a hobbyist. maybe one day when I have more patience and time to put in to it, plus my kids won’t let me take their photos forever!  (Although I will always try)



My beautiful niece, I was packing away hats and she got this out to wear, this is one of my favourite photos I have taken.


What will we find in your camera bag?

Not much at all. I have my Nikon D5300, my trusty 35mm 1.8 lens and my Lensbaby Sweet 50. My imaginary camera bag is much more full 


One of my first multiple exposures in camera, I was pretty pleased with it.


Who inspires you?


This is a tough question, I am inspired by so many people all the time. I am always amazed at Nicky’s work from Jane & Joe Photo, there is something so soulful about it, to me her work is true art.


The colours of the flowers and the hat were a coincidence, obviously my photographers eye noticed right away so we had to take photos there.


What inspired you to pick up your camera initially.


My kids, I’ve taken photos ever since I can remember but I was using a little red compact Nikon camera since about 2009 and I was fed up with it, I needed more, my hubby bought me a Nikon DSLR in March 2013 and I haven’t looked back!


I don’t normally go out with a plan, but I had this in my head for a while, there is so much satisfaction when you go out and create what you have intended.


Photoshop or Lightroom? and why that choice?


Eek! I’m so bad with these. Shamefully I still only edit few by hand and I rely on actions and presets when editing. If I was to choose which I could live without it would be Photoshop I think, I use Privizzini’s Passion black and white Lightroom presets and they are seriously amazing, I would be lost without them!


My youngest boy. He has the most soulful face, he is the most smiley and chatty little boy, and never sits still, but he always lets me photograph him, which i am so glad about.


If you had to choose one area of specialization what would that be and why?


Portraits. Preferably single portraits, most of my images will only feature one of my children at a time. This was done unconsciously for so long and I really only recognized it in about April this year. I don’t know why I prefer this, it’s that “when you take “THAT” picture and you know you can’t wait to see it on your screen feeling”


That being said I do like taking more relaxed documentary lifestyle photos when we are out and about. I am very much a weekend shooter, we will go places most weekends and the camera will come with me. (Obviously) I can’t miss a thing. 


This photo made it into the I am Nikon 2015 short video, I was so over the moon when I got the email notifying me. Pretty proud moment.


You can view Vicki’s work on her Facebook page.  Vicki is also one of the co-founders at Soul Focus.  Take some time to check them out and share some images with them.

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