In January we had the theme music and we received such great images on the theme.  This month Katherine of Cobert Photography chose Mike Wade’s image to be the guest feature. You can find Mike at Rural Life Photography.  We loved his image and it reminded us of a great jam session among friends.   I took some time to connect with Mike to learn a little bit  more about him.

Tell us a bit about yourself?  and  Are you a hobbyist or a pro?

I’m Mike Wade from Rural Life Photography and an avid hobbyist. I have been doing photography for about 5 years. I started my photography journey about a year after separating from the United States Navy and just before my son Bennett was born. Early on I didn’t know what type of photography I wanted to focus on, but once Bennett was born, I became drawn to documenting his life.



I took this shot of my youngest son standing on our backyard fence with the 135F2.  I instantly was attracted to the tack sharp focus and the narrow depth of field.  In addition, I loved how the fence line leads you in to the subject.


Tell us a bit about your photography gear.  What is the lens do you not have but you  desire to have the most?

I’m a Canon shooter and currently shoot with the 6D. However, I hope to upgrade to the 5D Mk4 in the next year. I own several lenses but prefer to use either the Sigma ART 50 or the Canon 135F2.  On occasion, I do use speedlights in a Wescott Octabox.  The lens I do not have, but really wish I did is the 85mm 1.2.



This was my first successful attempt at capturing a self portrait.  I was in Syracuse airport and saw the gorgeous light coming in from the window and decided to prop up the camera and get in the shot.


How did your journey to be a photographer happen?

I mentioned my beginnings earlier but lately I have been really drawn to Street Photography. Those beginnings began about 9 months ago, I travel a significant amount of time for “my day job” and started to miss photographing my boys every day. With that, I started exploring the cities that I travel to and photographing interesting things that I came across.



I took this photo on a recent trip to Dallas, TX.  As I walked around downtown, I noticed a group of sharply dressed men waiting for a cab  I stealthly approached and began to snap a few photographs.  This is the exact moment that one of the gentlemen busted me.


Who inspires you?

I could make a list a mile long but I’ll try and keep it short.

Sandi Harkness from Sandi Harkness Photography inspires me with her exceptional warm and high contrast images.

Krystal Weir from Krystal Weir Photography  has moved me to use Off Camera Flash more.

Finally, Kristina from Hello Olivia Photography  has pushed me in every way to become a better photographer.



I love photographing my boys together but because they are 2 and 4 years old it can be difficult.  I have found that bath time is the best time to ensure that they don’t run away from the camera.


What advice would you share to the aspirants in this field?

Learn to use the camera that you have and create compelling photographs before shelling out thousands of dollars on equipment and editing tutorials. I wish I would have gotten this advice 5 years ago because I wasted a ton of money I things that I didn’t need or wasn’t ready for just yet.



This shot was taken on the way home from the grocery store.  I saw this awesome field next to the lake and decided to pull over for a few shots.  Once we were done, while I was putting my youngest in his car seat, I noticed the sun setting behind my 4 year old.


One thing that you have learnt as a photographer over the years?

Photography has really opened my eyes to observation. Like most people, I used to stroll through an area and rarely pay attention to the artistic details. However, in the last few years I have found interesting photograph opportunities in some of the most mundane of places. Photography has taught me to SEE.



I took this photograph in December 2016 while staying at the Hotel Syracuse.  The hotel is amazing and on Friday and Saturday they have a pianist in the evening.  I decided to photograph the pianist as he played for the guests.  Turns out this gentleman was really well known in the area and even had his own morning show during the 1970’s.  I was lucky enough to have a local photographer print and frame this photograph prior to leaving Syracuse.  A few days before Christmas I delivered prints to him.


If you are interested in seeing lifestyle, travel and street photography, I would encourage you to check out Mike’s facebook page.  You will love it.

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