~ Connection ~

a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is

linked or associated with something else.

This month Aubrey of Applewood Photography has chosen the theme Connection.  Her reasons for choosing this theme are here below:

“When I look back at my favorite images, they are generally of two or a few people sharing a private and authentic moment…my girls laughing or cuddling or getting each other’s weirdness, cuddles with their dad, or when I photograph a family just sharing a moment. A connection can be anything though. A connection of a photographer to the subject, a connection to nature, a connection of ideas or pieces of items”.

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Applewood Photography


Ceri Herd Photography

kathy ledbetter april 17

Columbus Georgia Conference Trip: March 2-6, 2017: 9037

Sharleen Stuart Photography


Roots and Twigs Photography


Wilhelmina Photography


It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson


Cobert Photography

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For the rest of the month of April  and up until May 5th the theme is Connection.

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Look out for the new theme on May 6.