Ceri of Ceri Herd Photography chose the theme {Artificial Light} this month and she chose the beautiful image shared by @sweethomemarilou on our Instagram page.  I reached out to Marilou to learn a little bit more about her.


Tell us a bit about yourself? and  Are you a hobbyist or a pro?

My name is Marilou.  I am 33 years old.  Prior to being a photographer I was a yoga teacher for kids.  Capturing kid’s candidness and showing up their best version of themselves has always been a part of my life.  I really began to get more serious as a photography with my everyday muse – my son.  For now I shoot family, maternity and new born.  I recently jumped to being a pro photographer.  For now I am very lucky, I have a bunch of colleagues and friends who have hired me after seeing my work on my Facebook page.


Know the light.  I have this kind of light each day in my house around 4pm.  I typically do not use my camera in the house before that time of day.

Tell us a bit about your photography gear. What is the lens do you not have but you   desire to have the most?

Right now I shoot with a Canon 6D and mostly with my 35mm 2:1 lens.  It feels like the 35mm is perfect for scenery and family photos.  I have a portable flash but I never use it. I really love the warmth of natural light.  My next purchase will surely be an 85mm sigma art lens.


Ordinary moments can be a great capture too.  There is art everywhere.  You do not always need to go onto the Kilimanjaro mountain top to create great art.

How did your journey to be a photographer happen?

I began taking photographs over 2 years ago when my son was born and I am definitely a real mom phototog.   Over the last year I have stepped out and begun shooting babies other than mine and shooting in light that is not what I would typically find in my home. This has been great for my creativity.


White is such a perfect reflector

Who inspires you?

The first Instagram photographer that I love is the very awesome and popular Meg Loeks – @meg_nlo.  With her 3 sons and country life, I can totally relate to her.  She was a huge inspiration to me.

I am also a huge fan of the great storytelling feed of Hannah Carpenter – @hannahcarpenter

In addition, I also love the work of @jamieeilts, @sophiejanephoto, @mamadrey88, @elle.hartle, @vironica, @julieaudouxphotographie, @europeanmommyof2, and so many others.  If you are looking for inspiration definitely check out their work.


This is an interesting spot with light everywhere.  I mostly love this one for the impressive shadow created behind my son.

What advice would you share to the aspirants in this field?

There is always a room for the best, your point of view has never been seen.


Go for opportunity.  I was following a photographer on Instagram who recently bought ducks.  I asked her if I could go and shoot at her house and she said yes.  I love this photo because the rubber duck comes alive

One thing that you have learnt as a photographer over the years?

This is an art of compromises.  Sometimes you have to let go of perfection and just capture what you love even if it is ordinary.


Go Crop and faceless, this is great memories too.

If you want to see more of Marilou’s  work as a mama photographer you can find her on Instagram @sweethomemarilou and her client work on her Facebook page MarilouCotePhotographer.

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