Don’t you just love images created in water puddles, or the shadows reflected on shimmering water, or images in a window.  Do you reflect on things in the past, or the present or future?  This month theme has been chosen by Elizabeth of It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson, and yes it is Reflections.

Elizabeth chose this theme because….

Photographers often seek reflections as a means of artistic expression: to enhance the story and add a bit of wonder and even confusion to images. Reflections often trick the eye or cause a viewer to linger with curiosity. However, photography also causes one to reflect: primarily on the what, the who, the why of the creation…

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It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson

Viscaya: Miami:  October 5, 2013: 8040

Sharleen Stuart Photography


Cobert Photography


KG Ledbetter Photography


Applewood Photography


Ceri Herd Photography


Roots and Twigs Photography

For the rest of the month of September and up until October 5th the theme is Reflections

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Look out for the new theme on October 6.