When we think about Thanksgiving, we think about family, warm wishes, close communities and good memories.  Share Six has become something like that for us.  When Share Six first evolved we were nervous.  We did not know if it would grow or if this was just a pipe dream. We have lost some bloggers and gained new bloggers and each person brings their own unique perspective that makes us as a team whole.  We are thankful for the blog team and the time that they give to making this the success it is.

Nearly two years later we are still blogging and we have formed not only friendships with each other as bloggers, but we have formed a community and a place where you, as photographers, can share with us as well.  We love seeing your images grace our page and how each photographer has grown as an artist over the years.  We are truly thankful to each and everyone of you.

This month we welcome Lynne Grant to our team and we are thankful that she has decided to join us on this journey.  We look forward to sharing her blogs with you.

Gratitude shifts your focus from

what your life lacks,

to the abundance that is already present.

~ Marelisa Fabrega


Orange: October 25, 2016 3952

Sharleen Stuart Photography

There are times I look around me and I cannot believe the gifts I have been given in my life.  I am so thankful and grateful for each of them.  My husband Richard has been such a strong support system for me these past 3 months post surgery.  He has been my rock and I am so grateful for the journey I walk with him.  My son, Cameron and his wife Kathryn are another gift that we watch blossom as they journey through their second year of marriage.  My daughter Amy will be a beautiful gift this Christmas as she comes home from spending 27 months in the Peace Corp.  We are looking forward to spending time with her and her friend over December and January, and planning some exciting adventures. 

Each day is a gift that we are granted, each day we can wake up and make a choice to embrace it.  My encouragement is to do that.  To enjoy the day for the day that is given .  We cannot go back and change it, and we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.  But today, we can do so much.  


Lynne Grant_thanksgiving

Lynne Grant Photography

I am thankful for my health and well-being, for my beautiful life filled with challenges, highs, lows and all that is in between, but most of all for my family – without them I would be lost, they are everything.



Kim Sidwell Photography

“For the joy and laughter, and the challenging lessons; for the hope and love, and for the difficult blessings, I am thankful.” -Mary Davis



Ceri Herd Photography

I am thankful for my people. For my husband. For the opportunities that his success has provided for us all. For my Scottsdale Village, who I miss dearly and daily. For our new home and our new school. For a photography community who support me, guide me and inspire me.



It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson

Thanksgiving is a reminder to my soul. A reminder that despite the challenges of the past, present, and future, the blessings abound. A reminder that by embracing gratitude, finding the light in the moment, my heart will be gladdened. A reminder that the Giver provides and thus joy abounds when I embrace the provision with gratefulness.



KG Ledbetter Photography

There is always, always something to be thankful for.”



Roots and Twigs Photography

“Cliche though it is, I truly am grateful for the good health and quality of life that my family enjoys. I often doubt that I was cut out for this parenting gig, but like everyone else I know, I do the best I can. Still, these kids share unconditional love and joy with me, between the fighting, messes, and chaos. Lately, they’ve been voluntarily looking for ways to be helpful. One of the big ways they are doing this is completely independent meal preparation. Granted, we’ve had some small salad dinners that left everyone hungry, so we filled in the gaps with other foods, but I truly appreciate the help, independence, and healthy meals they are creating. In this image, they are staring down a waffle maker on a recent Saturday morning, as they make breakfast. For the record, I don’t think that made it cook any faster!”


It is not Happy people who are Thankful,

It is Thankful people who are Happy


Thanksgiving is time for family, friends, loved one and guests to gather together and to share why they are thankful.  May this time together be a blessing to you. Relax, don’t stress, enjoy and reflect.  Life gives us all ups and downs.  Be thankful for each and every moment.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

and thank you for your support of this group.