Instagram has been very active this past couple of months and we are so excited to see that happening.  Jenn Bartell was chosen as the highlighted guest feature this month and so we took some time to connect with Jenn and learn a bit more about her.

Tell us a bit about yourself?  and  Are you a hobbyist or a pro? 

I’ve always known I wanted to be a photographer since before high school. I went to a high school out of my district because it had a photography program, then went on and graduated from Brooks institute of Photography in 2005. Every job I had in between or during school was with photography or kids or the two mixed together. (I worked in the mall as a photographer at the “Picture People”for a while)  Now I have my own business as a wedding and family photographer. And have been doing that for 12 years.

image with dog

I love this picture because it really shows how alike these two are. Goofy and wild. 🙂

Tell us a bit about your photography gear.  What is the lens do you not have but you   desire to have the most?

I use a canon 5D mark III and a 6 D as my backup camera. For a very long time only had one good lens and the kit lens it came with as a backup. I would rent lenses when I needed them for certain jobs.

Now I finally have a supply of lenses that I love. I use the canon 24-70 L series 2.8 a lot! It’s my go to lens… but I also have Sigma 24 1.4, canon 50 1.4 and a canon 85 1.2 L. If I was given another lens right now, I would probably get the 50mm in a L series, or a 35 mm prime.


I loved the fall colors and wanted to stop in this spot so many times on our way home from school… so finally I just did it and they came out so pretty I thought. Just like what I was seeing.

How did your journey to be a photographer happen?

As I mentioned above, I kinda knew what I wanted to do for a very long time. I feel so lucky because I know a lot of people are not sure what they want to do even as adults!  I told my mom I wasn’t interested in normal college and this was what I wanted to do… they supported me and helped me through college. I always knew once I had kids of my own I was going to love photographing them. And so now that I have kids my biggest joy comes from documenting their life and creating fun images of my two boys.

child head

I love this one because I was able to capture his hair in a freelanced shot with the wind blowing it, which I had set out to document this day. His hair was getting so long.

Who inspires you?

The entire community of photographers on IG inspires me everyday. I can’t believe the amount of talent. From working photographers to hobbyist. It blows my mind. It’s such a sharing  and loving community so it’s been fun to be a part of that the last year and a half. I am also inspired by the amount of learning you can do online and in person at workshops. Etc. Insta Inspire was the first “workshop” type thing I’ve ever attended  and it was amazing. I’m going back next year in April and I can’t wait!

child at window

I just captured this one a couple of weeks ago and its one of my new faves. This images shows his goofiness and his confidence all at the same time and I loved it .

What advice would you share to the aspirants in this field?

I guess just, to be true to your style and always try to keep getting better. There is always something to learn, whether on the post processing side, business side, or with photography. If you learn your tools well, then you can learn how to create the picture you see in your head.

two boys

I love when my older son is being a kind and protective big brother. I chose this image because it shows him in this role and that’s something I never want to forget.

One thing that you have learnt as a photographer over the years?

I learned a lot of new techniques for editing at Insta Inspire. I’m kinda old school and learned on film, so much of the digital technology wasn’t out  or very popular yet when I was in college. So to now keep up with the newest editing is something I need to do. It has changed the way I edit everything I shoot this year!


I must have waited for him to pop up and look at me for this shot for about 6 or 7 min. haha. I love the light here and I played with my edit to be a little darker than I normally would. So this one is sort of a labor of love shot. 🙂

Thank you Jenn for sharing your beautiful work with us.  You can view Jenn’s instagram page by clicking here.

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