Oh boy, with the temperatures as they are today, Winter Light, is the perfect topic for us this month.  Lynne of Lynne Grant Photography  chose this theme, and given that she lives in Scotland, and having visited Scotland myself, I know that she must see some amazing Winter Light each day.   Brr is all I can say, along with I cannot wait to read the blogs.

To view the blogs click on the images to go the the artists page or click on the first image and follow the links in the blogs.

Katherine Cobert

Cobert Photography

ARM Loxahatchee National Park: December 21, 2017: 7989

Sharleen Stuart Photography


Roots and Twigs Photography

Ceri Herd

Ceri Herd Photography

Kim Sidwell

Kim Sidwell Photography


Lynne Grant Photography


It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson


KG Ledbetter Photography

For the rest of the month of January and up until February 5th the theme is Winter Light

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Look out for the new theme on February 6.