February’s theme is Color and it was chosen by Katherine of Cobert PhotographyColor adds so much to our lives and the spectrum of color seems endless.

I read that one of the definitions of color is  “The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light”  Today the blog contributors are going to share their version of the theme color.  We hope that you enjoy it.

To view the blogs click on the images to go the the artists page or click on the first image and follow the links in the blogs.

Corbert Photography

Cobert Photography

Kim Sidwell Photography

Kim Sidwell Photography

Roots and Twigs Photography

Roots and Twigs Photography

Ceri Herd Photography

Ceri Herd Photography


Lynne Grant Photography

Share Six: January 21, 2018:  9736

Sharleen Stuart Photography


It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson

Kathy Ledbetter

KG Ledbetter Photography

For the rest of the month of February and up until March 5th the theme is Color.

We look forward to seeing your images on our Facebook page and our Instagram Page.  Don’t forget to tag the Instagram posts with #sharesix_color.  Each month we feature one artist on our Facebook and Webpage banner.  We will also do an interview with the featured artist, so share your images to be a part of this opportunity.

Look out for the new theme on March 6.