The colorful afghan image that graces our cover was submitted by @blinckphotography  Katherine of Cobert Photography chose this image because it was so colorful.  I caught up with Bérénice Linck to find out a little bit more about who she was.  To view Bérénice’s webpage click here.


Tell us a bit about yourself?  and  Are you a hobbyist or a pro?

I’m Berenice, I’m french but have lived in Philly for 20 years now. I live in center city and love raising my kids in this diverse and vibrant city. I started getting interested in photography about 10 years ago, when I got a nice point and shoot camera that also allowed me to shoot in manual. This is when I learned all about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure just by trying, failing and trying again. I was more into street photography at the time and volunteered at two local non-profits to document their work days. I loved doing it and documentary photography is the core of what drives me to pick up my camera. Once my kids were born (I have a 7 year old daughter and 3 year old son), I transferred my passion for photography to them by using the same approach to capturing them as I did when I volunteered, as an observant photographer. I was a hobbyist until 2016 when I started taking pictures of friends and friends of friends and I officially opened my business in early 2017. It’s a side gig for now, I have a full time job, but I would love for it to become my full time profession at some point.



A rare moment of peace between my kids. The next second they were fighting. I just love to capture moments when they naturally get along, few and far between.


Tell us a bit about your photography gear.  What is the lens do you not have but you desire to have the most?

I have never owner a DSLR. For years I shot with an olympus EM5, a micro 4/3 system. I have lots of back and neck issues and cannot carry around heavy gear. I borrowed a DSLR once and I knew it was just not for me. I took the EM5 through its paces, and it’s almost dead now but it was a trusty and neat camera to learn on. Last year I got a Fuji xt2 and love it. It took me a little time to get comfortable with it but the more I use it the more I like it, it’s become an extension of my hand. I mostly shoot with the 23 1.4 lens (I mostly shoot primes), and also the 50 2.0 when I’m outside.

I can’t think of a lens I really wish I had, I have a 35 0.95 lens, it’s manual and amazing, I just wish it had autofocus. I can’t use it for client work because I can’t always nail the focus but when I do, it’s magical. So I just wish for fuji to make the long rumored 33 1.0 lens. Also if money was no object I would get the 16 1.4. I love wide angle, even for portraits.



Snow lashes. I love my daughter’s eyelashes, it’s the first thing I noticed about her when she was born, and when you add snow to them, they are magical (almost).


What makes you pick up the camera when you don’t feel like it?

Honestly, if I don’t feel like picking up my camera I just don’t. I only shoot when I feel like it. And I almost always feel like shooting.



A random street moment. One of my fav pictures ever, I love the interaction between the kids and the cat.


Film or digital? Black and white or color? Lifestyle or traditional?

Digital, Color in general but I love b&w more and more. I really love contrast, deep colors and deep dark shadows. Definitely more lifestyle/documentary, although I’ve taken a liking to classic portraits lately, but I try to incorporate them into documentary sessions.



My daughter is a huge harry potter fan. She was dressed has Hermione on Halloween and we did a little photoshoot where I was Voldemort and she was trying to get rid of me. It was a collaboration between us and it was great to create something together. It was setup, not what I usually do, but I love how it turned out.


What personal projects are you working?

I did a 52 week project in 2016, one picture a week following a theme and a Facebook group. It was really hard but a wonderful learning experience. I tried another one in 2017 but gave up early on, I just wasn’t into it anymore. This year, I started a 365 project on January 1st. I was sure I would drop out after a few weeks. But after a month, I was still doing it, taking a picture each day and posting it the same day. I find this easier than a 52 week project because I have no theme, I just take what inspires me. I’ve let go of perfection, it doesn’t have to always be a print worthy picture, only representative of the day. I’m on day 88 today! I’ve learned through this process that there’s always something to photograph, even in bad light.



My husband scolding my son for trying to run into the street while my daughter was all smiles that she got to sit in the stroller. I love opposites in pictures, and juxtapositions so this one is perfect for that. And I love the story it tells. It’s very real.


Most important thing she learned about editing.

I shoot raw and edit in Lightroom only. I don’t spend a lot of time editing (maybe 1-2 minutes max on a picture if that, sometimes a little more if cloning needs to be done). The best advice that’s impacted me the most is “embrace the shadows”. You often think that you need lots of light for photography, but you just need a pocket of light somewhere. Pictures don’t have to be bright, and dark shadows can really make a picture stand out.



My son reading his book of the moment. I think this is a great illustration of embracing the shadows.


Thank you Bérénice for sharing your stunning work with us.  You can view Bérénice’s instagram page by clicking here.

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