This month Sharleen of Sharleen Stuart Photography chose the theme {Urban}.  The definition is as follows:  “in, relating to, or characteristic of a city or town”.

Sharleen chose the theme {Urban} for the following reasons:

“Cities have such character if you go looking.  We have traveled through Europe and many cities in South Africa, along with heading to Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Key West and other smaller cities.  I love walking the city.  In Denver I headed out to try and capture a city with snow on the grounds.  In Seattle there was so much, back streets, external staircases, reflective windows. San Francisco had the amazing wharf area.  I cannot even begin to think about all the amazing places in Europe.  There is so much for you to see. Growing up in South Africa my fondest memory is of the old City Hall and the square across the road where the pigeons would congregate to be fed.  I would encourage you next time you go to your local city look for the hidden beauty”.

So take a look at what the blog contributors have shared and come back and share your {Urban} images with us.

On a different note. We don’t like change but sometimes it has to happen.  This month sadly Tori of Roots and Twigs Photography is saying goodbye.  Tori has been with us for two years and we are sad to see her go.  But she has stepped back into the world of starting up a new business and felt the need to step out of Share Six.

The good news is that Nicola MacQueen Photography is joining us in Tori’s place.  Nicola is an amazing artist and we are excited to see her work featured on Share Six.  Nicola, along with Janet and Lynne all come to us from Scotland.  You can read a little bit more about our new ladies on the photographers page.

To view the blogs click on the images to go the the artists page or click on the first image and follow the links in the blogs.

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4479

Sharleen Stuart Photography


Lynne Grant Photography

Urban Nicola

Nicola MacQueen Photography

Ceri Herd

Ceri Herd Photography

Janet Douglas

Janet Douglas

Katherine Cobert

Cobert Photography


It’s still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson

ledbetter (1)

KG Ledbetter Photography


For the rest of the month of May and up until June 5th the theme is Urban

We look forward to seeing your images on our Facebook page and our Instagram Page.  Don’t forget to tag the Instagram posts with #sharesix_urban.  Each month we feature one artist on our Facebook and Webpage banner.  We will also do an interview with the featured artist, so share your images to be a part of this opportunity.

Look out for the new theme on June 6.