@sarah.simple.moment was chosen by Ceri Herd Photography as the Guest Featured Artist for the theme {Food}.  I took some time to catch up with Sarah and learn a little bit more about her.


Tell us a bit about yourself?  and  Are you a hobbyist or a pro?

My name is Sarah. I’m a mom to two kids. Not so long ago I moved to Israel from Ukraine. I started my creative photography journey about a year ago right after my daughter’s birth.  I’m not a pro photographer.


The first four images are pictures that I’m proud of. I’m not a pro in photoshop and have lack of time to learn it (cause you know, two kids and etc), but I think I’ve done it well.

Tell us a bit about your photography gear.  What is the lens do you not have but you   desire to have the most?

I use Canon G7x camera. 2 months ago, my daughter broke it, so now it’s in for repair and I use my IPhone for my works.  My dream camera is Canon EOS Rx.


What makes you pick up the camera when you don’t feel like it?

My kids inspires me to take photos.  If I feel that I lack ideas, I try to look for new profiles on Instagram and on Pinterest.


Film or digital? Black and white or color? Lifestyle or traditional?

Digital. Color. Lifestyle.


The last 2 photos are simple, but have powerful message, I think.  The photo with leaves is a representation of our life, from newborn to adulthood.  The photo with the word love, shows how love connects a mom with her child.

What personal projects are you working?

I’m now working on 4 projects.

The first project is my website with paid membership, where I will share all tips and strategies how to use hashtags and grow organically by using them.

The three other projects are hashtags challenges.


Every Thursday  my friends and I announce the theme of the week. And every Wednesday each of us share the top 3 photos according to the theme in our stories.


After 8 years, Instagram appears to have abandoned the flag of creativity that was the ‘weekend hashtag project’ or #WHP. A weekly creative photography challenge published to their own feed. Favorites were selected by the team and shared to the wider Instagram community.  @JoelRobison and 14 content creators were quick to respond and set up #communitywhp – a hashtag and account dedicated to capturing the spirit of the old WHPs.


12 talented girls and I teamed up together to bring back fun, delight and creative vibes here. We created hub @delightofcreating and new hashtag challenge #delightofcreating. What to expect? Every Tuesday one of hosts will announce weekly theme.  On Wednesday’s you would have an opportunity to see BTS of created photo and get to know more about the host of the week (Instagram vs. reality 😃)


The most important thing you learned about editing?

The most important thing about editing is to never stop learning. There are tons of different free info on internet.  Just don’t be lazy and google every little step that you want to learn and be good at.

Thank you Sarah for sharing a little bit about yourself with us.  I know I am going to be heading over to learn more about your projects.

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