I am back to apologizing.  This year has certainly hyped up since May and I am now sitting with work deadlines and not a lot of spare time.  We are already October and I have yet to feature August and September’s beautiful images.  Thank you for bearing with us as we do some catch up.  We love seeing all your beautiful images.


August 2019

In August, Michèle Tremblay Photo chose the theme {Summer Days} and we had so many stunning images. Thank you for sharing them with us Michèle chose the image below submitted by @kristcx as the Guest Featured image for the following reason:

I’d say about this picture that it has a vintage feel that takes me back to my own childhood when we were riding here and there in a total sense of freedom as a way of living. When looking at it, I here a call for adventure with a great companion for the journey!

Congratulations @kristcx for being chosen as the Guest Featured artist for the the theme {Summer Days}


Below in no particular order are all the images that the blog contributors have selected to be highlight.  What fantastic images we had for this theme.  There were over 450 images to choose from, making it very difficult to limit it to 8 images.


September 2019

September is a special month that raises the awareness of Childhood Cancer.  If you did not read the blogs on {Gold} I would encourage you to do so.

Sharleen Stuart Photography chose the  image submitted by @daisy.seilern as her Guest Featured image for the following reasons:

I loved this {Gold } image  for many reasons.  I love the tranquility of the image, the beautiful sun rays and the gorgeous bokeh. For me this is a very calming image in the midst of so much busyness.  The {Gold} theme is about children and this one represents all the children and it resonates with me how precious each and every child is. 

Congratulations @daisy.seilern for being selected as the Guest Featured Artist for the theme {Gold}


Below in no particular order are all the images that the blog contributors have selected to be highlight.  The gold theme always touches my heart, and I hope it does yours as well.


There have been so many fantastic images the past 2 months and we would encourage you to go and check these artists out.  They have some stunning images.


For the month of October the theme is {Pink} in honor of breast cancer awareness.  The blog contributors shared the following images:


If you have not shared a {Pink} image with us, please remember to tag #sharesix_pink for a chance to be featured on the Share Six Facebook page, the Instagram page and here on our webpage.

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