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I hope that everyone else is feeling like me, a little snowed under. I can’t believe I have got behind again but I absolutely have and I am so sorry about that. Time seems to be flying and my job has me multi tasking again. Covid-19 has definitely impacted my life.

Ceri Herd Photography chose the following image from @kimlorrainephotography for the following reasons:

In today’s society we wear a mask, hiding behind a veil of pretense, curating our social media presence to be perfect and harmonious. Kim’s image instantly conveyed that message to me and drew me in. It tells me that we should embrace our imperfections, that we should make our true selves seen and heard, and that we must not judge what we cannot see and cannot understand. It is an amazing image, beautifully captured with layers and a depth of message that we all need to hear.

Congratulations @kimlorrainephotography for your telling image.


Photo’s on our Facebook page have really diminished, however we loved seeing this image on our page from Myra Neal Photography

Myra Neal Photography

We had some beautiful images on Instagram this month, which always makes it much harder to choose. Photos from our Instagram page that we have chosen to highlight are below and in no particular order. Click on the names to link to the photographers page.  Go and like them, show them some love, you will enjoy seeing their images in your feed. Congratulations to you all.









Lastly we have changed up the theme for the month of July 2020 so check out what our blog contributors shared on the theme {New}.  Click on the images to view their Facebook page.  Don’t forget to share your images with us.

Sharleen Stuart PHotogrpahy

Cobert Photography

Janet Douglas of @wiredtothemoon_

Ceri Herd Photography

It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Willson

KG Ledbetter Photography

Michèle Tremblay Photo

We look forward to seeing your imageson our Facebook page and our Instagram Page.  Don’t forget to tag the Instagram posts with #sharesix_new.  Each month we feature one artist on our Facebook and Webpage banner.  We will also do an interview with the featured artist, so share your images to be a part of this opportunity.

Look out for the new theme on August 6, 2020