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I feel like I keep asking “How is everyone doing?” Another day another month, and we are heading into our 6 month of the new normal. I spoke with family in Australia and they are under strict lock down for the next 6 weeks. They tell me that only one person is allowed out when necessary for one hour to go shopping. They are determined to eradicate the virus.

This past weekend we put shutters up and sat watching what the hurricane Isaias planned to do. We were fortunate that it passed us by in the ocean. Our thoughts go out to everyone that was impacted by the storm and the destruction that it left in it’s path.

Yesterday we watched in horror the unbelievable explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, that caused so much devastation. Our hearts goes out to the people of Beirut, for the loss of loved ones, for their families who mourn, for all the injured and for those who have lost their homes and their livelihood. They will have a long road to rebuild the city, the homes, the lives and the country again. I personally am grateful that my childhood friend, who is an ESOL teacher 35km away from Beirut, is safe.

It seems like there are so many things going on around the world. It is tough and it is hard for each one of us. It is so important to look for all the positive in our days. The little things that bring smiles to our faces, the opportunities to rest, relax and refresh. It seems fitting that this month our theme, chosen by Liz of It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson, is {Refresh}

Today we are sharing how we as a group refresh.

We have learned that we need to take time to refresh. To make the best of the current situations we find ourselves in. Be encouraged by looking for the positive in each day. Relish the joy of your children. Get out when you can. Have a bubble bath if you don’t have a Jacuzzi tub. Soak in those moments that bring peace to your soul.

Come and share with us how you take time out to {Refresh}.

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Look out for the new theme on September 6, 2019