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{Colors} is the theme this month and it was chosen by Janet of @wiredtothemoon_ Colors is probably what most of us need in our lives right now. It has been a long year of the same old, same old. I know I need vibrancy around me right now. I am sure that up north the colors are starting to begin to show changes, and the temperatures are starting to cool, and there may be signs that summer is preparing to shift to fall. However, down south the color is green and it is hot, brutally hot.

From the sneak peaks it looks like we have all got out to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. Click on the first link and circle through the blogs by clicking on the link at the end of each blog.

Sharleen Stuart Photography
Janet Douglas @wiredtothemoon_
Cobert Photography
Lynne Grant Photography
It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Willson
Michèle Tremblay Photo
Ceri Herd Photography

We look forward to seeing your imageson our Facebook page and our Instagram Page.  Don’t forget to tag the Instagram posts with #sharesix_colors20.  Each month we feature one artist on our Facebook and Webpage banner.  We will also do an interview with the featured artist, so share your images to be a part of this opportunity.

Look out for the new theme on October 6, 2020