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Sometimes {New} makes a real difference in your life. Keeping with the simplicity of themes, and trying to find things to photograph at home while we are still testing the waters of the covid pandemic {New} allowed us to explore what is around us.

We got some great shares for this theme and here are the highlights for those images the team picked.

Congratulations @walkingbetweenmountains you were selected by K G Ledbetter Photography. Kathy chose your image for the following reasons:

Through these very different last couple months, there have been so many news in our world and daily lives. I love when I see these new ways of life being embraced and documented! This photo is a perfect example of the opportunity we’ve been given for new and different ways of life!


We had not posts to the Facebook group for this theme, so the rest of the images are from Instagram and are in no particular order.


Again I apologize for getting behind. Missing one, means every one gets delayed. While the world may have slowed down, my job sped up. However, we still want to highlight the stunning images that are being shared.

The theme is {Books} and there is so much that we can do with books, so go out and play. Come and share your images with us on our Facebook page and our Instagram Page.  Don’t forget to tag the Instagram posts with #sharesix_books.  Each month we feature one artist on our Facebook and Webpage banner.  We will also do an interview with the featured artist, so share your images to be a part of this opportunity.