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Sharleen Stuart Photography chose the theme {Books}. We have all gone through phases of lockdown and {Books} has been a popular past time for her. In fact, as she tells, she reads every day. Sadly, this theme was not very well tagged. There was a whole bunch of book images in the November and December theme, but sadly we could not pull from those images.

Congratulations to @marlos_marvels for being chosen as the guest feature for the theme {Books}, Sharleen had the following to say about this image:

“This image reminds me of me, when I was young. I could read all day, any place, any time. I recall my bedroom being full of books. While I did not read on my back, you would often find me on my stomach engrossed in my books. I love everything about this image”.


We had no images on our Facebook page for October. Photos from our Instagram page that we have chosen to highlight are below and in no particular order. Click on the names to link to the photographers page.  Go and like them, show them some love, you will enjoy seeing their images in your feed. Congratulations to you all.


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Look out for the new theme on February 6, 2021.