2021 has felt like a long year and I have to confess it has got the better of me. So it is time to try and do some catch up.

For the Frozen theme  @skahdee was selected as the featured artist. I wanted to learn a little bit more about her and I am sure you do as well. Her photography is stunning and creative and I am always amazed at the beauty she creates.

This fox came within 4 feet of me.  It was such an experience!   I had about 10 minutes with it before it ran off.   Shot with Sony A7iii & Tamron 70-180

Tell us a bit about yourself?  And, are you a hobbyist or a pro

I am in Winnipeg, MB Canada.  A 48yr old mom of 3.  I am a hobbyist photographer and will shoot anything that comes across my camera. My go to is Macro, Sports and Seniors/Grads.  I like to experiment and try different things.  I love to capture details that people miss by not having a good look. Recently I tried water drop and milk drop collisions.  They are so fun to do and keep me occupied for many hours on those long winter nights. 

Another one of my experiments, this flower is submerged in Soda Water to get all those air bubbles.  Each bubble helps line the details of every petal.  Sony A7iii & Lensbaby Velvet 85 

What inspired you to pick up your camera initially?  

Many years ago a dad was taking sports pics and I thought to myself…. I could do that. 😆 so I bought a camera and went from there.  Learning along the way and trying different things. I fell in love with macro and details.  My winters last a long time, so I had to come up with a way to pass the time other than just shooting flowers inside.  Experimenting with my iceballs and IceCube flowers using different flowers and different things with the water to make it clearer and how I liked it.  

I love using oil and water with different backgrounds and colors.  Editing them can be quite the chore, but also relaxing too. 
Sony A7iii & Lensbaby Velvet 85

How do you improve your technique?  

A lot of trial and error!  Practice! Practice! Practice!  I’m part of Shultz Photo School and learnt to shoot from there.  I currently write courses for them too!  Feedback is an important aspect to improve yourself as well! 

Love it when I get photo bombed.  I didn’t even notice these two when I was shooting.  Get nice and close with some reverse free lensing.   It does take some practice to get that focus! 
Sony A7iii & Lensbaby Burnside 35

Most important thing you have learned about editing?

Don’t over saturate!  I see sooo many photos that are over saturated.  There is a difference between saturate and rich colors.  Play with those sliders! 

Who doesn’t set ice on fire?  This was a project I worked on for 4 months to get the ice to burn.  I still continue to work on it to improve it. 
Sony A7iii & Lensbaby Velvet 85 

Secret weapon. Or piece of advice that’s helped you?  

Lensbaby’s are my secret weapon. 😉  I am a Lensbaby Ambassador, so send me your questions! I’ll help you find a lens that will work for you.  And I can give you a discount code to save you some $$.  I love the colors the Lensbaby lenses render, the blur and yes how tack sharp they can be!   They are Beau manual lenses but do require practice.  

Milk drop collisions.  I love to look at them to see what I see and to hear what others see.  The colors are done with food coloring and every shape is different. 
Sony A7iii & Lensbaby Velvet 85 

Why photographs? Why not painting? Or poems? Or, for that matter, statutes or taxes?

Pictures…  I can see.  I can see the shadows, the highlights, the details.  I can not draw a good stick man. Hahaha.  Actually, I used to write poetry and just found a book from when I was a lot younger.  Reading through it brought back some memories.  And Taxes, well I do actually work for the Taxman as my regular job. 

Wow, wow, wow, I hope that you are loving these as much as I am. All of @skahdee‘s images just take it up a notch and I am in awe. I love what you have shared with us.

Thank you Melissa for sharing your story with us. We always love to learn more about an artists journey and style. Don’t forget to check out Melissa’s page at @skahdee

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