@rosadurandelgado was selected as our Featured Artist for the theme negative space and I took some time to catch up with her and learn a little bit more about her.

Tell us a bit about yourself?  And, are you a hobbyist or a pro?

I am a hobbyist photographer, very enthusiastic.

I studied Physics in Spain and in the UK. I’m a stay-at-home mum at the moment. I love doing whimsical self-portraits and family pictures with a touch of magic.

Sometimes I like doing recreations of artworks I admire. It’s an incredible learning technique.

What inspired you to pick up your camera initially? 

Photography helped me recovered from mourning my dear brother. Later on, when I had my first child I picked up my camera again to capture our dear family moments.

I love the following image from a shooting in the beach with my kid. It’s has not much editing. Mirrors are a great way of getting in the pictures.

How do you improve your technique?

It’s true what they always say: practice, practice and practice. There is no other secret. I did several online courses where I learned to go manual and to edit my images, which has become a step that I really enjoy, perhaps even more than shooting photos itself.

Photography and the creation of surrealistic images is the ultimate therapy for me. I think that creativity is the best medicine for the soul.
As you can see it has being my best friend during COVID confinement too

Most important thing you have learned about editing?

First get the composition right, the light must hit always from the same direction, include shadows and as a last step combine everything together by changing colours and atmosphere to taste.

Another colourful image I love is the following where I shot a gigantic bubble at sunset. Sunsets and blue hour are my favourite moments to capture images.

Secret weapon. Or piece of advice that’s helped you?

Don’t underestimate the power of editing in free mobile softwares such as Snapseed. If you cannot go to your computer to do a retouch or a magical composite you still have that power in your hand. This has helped me a lot while nursing.

In my latest image I have used photoshop for the first time after much time only using Snapseed and Picsart.

Why photographs? Why not painting? Or poems? Or, for that matter, statutes or taxes?

I guess I am primarily visual. I also studied music and enjoy it a lot, but I have a thing with colours, I love playing with them, I get “in the zone” while editing my images.

Even though I love editing, the image featured in your hub has no editing whatsoever. Sometimes raw light is just magical.

Thank you Rosa for sharing your story with us and seeing the beauty of your creative work, where you live, and your beautiful family. We always love to learn more about an artists journey and style. Don’t forget to check out Rosa’s page at @rosadurandelgado

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