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{Pets} is the theme for the month of February, chosen by Lynne Grant Photography and I have to confess this is a favorite of mine. Pets are not just animals, they are family. They give abundantly to our comfort, they show us love in so many ways. Of course, if you are a cat, you rule and the human is your slave.

Pets come in all varieties, dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses etc. Dogs alone have so many varieties. According to charts other inclusions to domestic animals are cows, pigs, chickens, roosters, rabbits, deer, turkey, sheep and donkey. And if truth be told, they could be pets as well. I recall a friend who had a pet chicken. Another who had a pet rabbit. My daughter had pet rats.

Dogs can be pets, and be service dogs, or emotional support animals. When trained service dogs are incredible. They become the hands and feet of their human.

I am excited to see what the blog contributors have come up with this month. We are a smaller group this month but each artist is incredibly talented and I cannot wait to view their blogs.

If creative blogging to a theme is something you think you may be interested in doing reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram page. We would love to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing your images on our Facebook page and our Instagram Page.  Don’t forget to tag the Instagram posts with #sharesix_pets  Each month we will do an interview with the featured artist, so share your images to be a part of this opportunity.

Look out for the new theme on March 6, 2022.