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A pet is a mans best friend so they say. Dogs love to to love you. They need you. You call them, they will come. Cats on the other hand, rule the roost. They are your boss, and you work according to their schedule, or so my two think. Truth be said I would do anything for my two. We also cannot limit pets to dogs and cats. I for one have had a variety of pets including birds, fish, and guinea pigs. These animals fill a space in our lives and our hearts and bring great joy.

Lynne of Lynne Grant Photography chose the image below submitted by @noebustamantecortiana for the following reason:

“I really love the connection that’s been captured in this image. Being a fellow lab person I know this feeling so well. The reflection of the clouds in the window is beautiful also and really adds to the overall feel of the image.”

Congratulations @noebustamantecortiana for this beautiful image.

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