About Share Six

Share Six has evolved out of what was formerly known as Project 10, and then what became Sharetographers.

Jessica Downey of Jessica Downey Photo and Sophie Sheldrick of Raw Footage Photography were the original founders of Project 10.  As the project grew so did the vision.  A group of bloggers would do a circle link of 10 images a month, which would be posted on the 10th of the month.  Beyond that photographers would be invited to share their 10 images for the remainder of the month.

In 2014 Project 10 ended and Sharetographers emerged.  Casey of Casey and her Camera, and Jennifer of Jennifer Georgette Photography began running the new group.  However, time, new jobs, and an increase in business activities has led the entire group of bloggers to withdraw from the Sharetographers group.

Casey approached Sharleen of Sharleen Stuart Photography and asked if she would be willing to take over the running and promoting of the group.  Share Six has evolved out of this process.

Who is Share Six?

Share Six will be made up of a specific group of bloggers who have joined together to form the basis of the Share Six team.

How will this work?

Share Six:  6 images on the 6th

Each month one of the Share Six team will pick a theme.  The team will create their own individual blog of six images to be posted on their pages on the sixth day of the month.  Each blog will link to the next blog forming a circle link blog.  On the same day that they go live, Share Six will announce on their Facebook page the theme for the month.

Then it is the turn of the audience.  For the rest of the month you will have the opportunity to share your images on the Share Six Facebook page and on the Instagram Page.

For the month following the blog series, starting in April 2016, the banner on the Facebook page and the web page will highlight the work of a guest artist with a link back to either their facebook page or webpage, as well as on our Instagram page.

Beyond that we will do an interview with the photographer of the winning image.  The photographer will have the opportunity to join the blog group as a  “guest ” the following month on a specified theme.

Be sure to Like us on Facebook, and follow us here on our Webpage and on our Instagram page @sharesix.


By posting on the Facebook page and Instagram page you give Share Six permission to use your image in the banner of the Facebook page, on our Instagram page and to share it on the Share Six webpage (with credit to yourself).




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