Can you believe it is October already?  I am loving the cooler evenings down south, after the oppressive heat of summer.  Fall is a beautiful time of the year for me.  I just wandered through the shops today and already Christmas decorations are out.  I picked up of packet of pine cone pot pouri that smells of cinnamon and cloves.  Perfect for my kitchen.  I am ready for the countdown.

This year Share Six chose to highlight a number of diseases that have impacted us as a group.  We hope that this has brought more information to you on what to look out for.

This is our last highlighted disease for the year and our theme color is {Pink}.  October is Breast Cancer awareness month and so many of us know someone who has either just been diagnosed with breast cancer, is going through the breast cancer journey of chemotherapy or radiation,  or in the post op re-constructive journey.

Breast cancer, like any other cancer, is heart breaking, and the journey is hard.  There are good days and bad days, ups and downs, highs and lows.  More often the lows are lower than we think, and the highs are a little less fleeting.  There are moments when life just seems too much.

There are the highs when you hear “cancer free” and the lows that come when you discover that you will be on medication for the next 5-10 years of your life.  The side effects may affect your physical, spiritual and emotional well being.  You are required to weigh up the hard decision to extend your life verses the cost of the debilitating side effects.

We honor those ladies and men who have been affected by this disease.  Our own Janet Douglas is one of them.  They have fought the long and hard battle of survival.  More than anything our support, our love, our friendships, our patience with our friend is priceless.  Be there for your friend, for their time of struggle, you are valued even when you do not think you are.

This month we chose the color pink, and the blog contributors have added some stunning teaser images.  I cannot wait to go to their blogs and read their stories.  I would encourage you to do so as well.










KG Ledbetter Photography





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Look out for the new theme on November 6, 2019.