This month Sharleen Stuart Photography chose the theme {Portraits}.  Portrait photography is very often the ability to capture the model’s personality.  Its the opportunity to get in close.

Remember to capture the eyes, for the “eyes are the window to the soul”.  Capture the smile, the laughter, the sincere and the somber.  Each moment is a different aspect of your models temperament.

Focus in on the model’s personality, the fun aspects of who they are.  Have them move positions for you.  Have a simple background, or use props.  Shoot indoors or head out into nature.  Shoot in color or in black and white.  Maybe add a sepia edit, they are always timeless.  Throw in some grain in your edit, go for the smooth look, or even the grunge look or consider a silhouette edit.  Each image will be unique,

This month the bloggers will share their portrait images.  We’d love to see yours.









Each and everyone of these images are unique and beautifully presented.  I love how this group comes together to meet the challenge.

This is a circle blog so take some time to follow the links.  You can either click on the first image and follow the circle or click on each image.  Let us know you stopped by.

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Look out for the new theme on December 6.