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Sharleen Stuart Photography chose Myra Neal Photography to be the guest feature for the {Out of Focus} theme.  We caught up with Myra to learn a little bit more about her and her journey as a photographer.


Tell us a bit about yourself?  And …  Are you a hobbyist or a pro?

I am a mother of 3 girls, ages 16, 20 and 26. I work full time as a surgical tech on a labor and delivery unit at a local hospital (I assist with c sections). I previously volunteered for the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep organization. I shoot anything from insects to “Fresh 48’s”. I feel as though I’m somewhere in between a hobbyist and pro. My knowledge of photography doesn’t even scratch the surface, I have so much more to learn.


Lady on steps

I love the glow of her skin, the intensity the conversion to black and white



Tell us a bit about your photography gear.  What is the lens do you not have but you   desire to have the most?

I am a Canon girl. I shoot with a 6D. My go to lens is the “nifty fifty” but I love my macro. I’d like to expand my horizons and eventually try out a 150-600 mm. I love the idea of being able to capture the “unreachable”.


white flower

I love how the petals look “feather” like and how different a daisy looks as a macro image compared to the naked eye.


Describe your style of work and how you found your style.

I consider myself as a minimalist photographer. I don’t use all the bells and whistles when it comes to equipment and editing. I’m not much into posed shoots. I’m a “in the moment” shooter, do what feels natural. If that makes sense.


girl with flag

This image makes me stand tall and makes me proud to be an American. I post this image for many holidays.


Are you a creative person, ….have you always been creative, ….what inspires your creativity?

I never considered myself a creative person until I found my love for macro then more and more people would tell me “you definitely have an eye…”. I love that we don’t realize how beautiful something can be until you change your view.  Determination drives my creativity. When I’m searching for something to shoot I try to find something that will make people stop and take a second look.



I love how well defined the detail of the web is shown….you can literally see each strand.


Who is their favorite photographer, living or dead?

Unfortunately I don’t follow any well known photographers…but locally my favorite photog is Bill Whaley. (Check him out).



girl at wall

I love how the black and white conversion and the wide angle makes this image speak.


What is your favorite quote?

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with what you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” -Elliot Erwitt



I found this so beautiful for such a simple “weed”. I’m a softy for macro.


Thank you Myra for sharing a little bit more about yourself and your work.  Go and check out Myra’s FB page for more beautiful images.

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