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Share Six featured artist for the theme Growth was @annarasphoto. Take a peak are her interview and learn a little more about this very talented photographer. Also learn more about Anna by checking out her IG Page and her webpage.

Tell us a bit about yourself?  And, are you a hobbyist or a pro?

I am a military wife and mother to four kids. I am a professional photographer and I got my Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography in 2004. I love all things that involve movement, outdoors and new experiences. I am currently training for an Olympic distance triathlon!

I love this image because of the colors and light. It is an in-camera double exposure of the sunrise over Lake Michigan.  

What inspired you to pick up your camera initially? 

I was in high school when I first started taking pictures with film and a completely manual SLR. I have always loved travel and seeing new places and documenting that initially inspired me to start taking photographs.

I love this portrait of my son because of the focus on his beautiful eyes. One of my current favorite techniques is in-camera double exposures and this is another example of that.

How do you improve your technique?

I am continually inspired by other photographers and love trying new techniques to keep myself inspired to keep shooting. I also enjoy taking clickin moms classes from time to time. Continual shooting keeps me up to date on my technical abilities! 

This was shot during soccer practice and I just love the light. This image was Shot with my Lensbaby Edge 80.

Most important thing you have learned about editing?

For me editing has always been one of my least favorite parts of photography. So I try to get most of what I want in an image in camera. 

Another Lensbaby image of my son in the first snow of the season. I love using the Lensbaby to bring interesting focus to the images. I love the bokeh effect of the snow

Secret weapon. Or piece of advice that’s helped you?

My secret weapon for staying in the industry and continuing to enjoy it for over 20 years is new techniques and always shooting personal work. When I feel myself getting bored I try something new. Freelensing, Lensbaby, double exposures, film and video work are just a few things I have tried! 

This is a drone self portrait in Okinawa, Japan. I love flying my drone and see the perspective from above. Living in Okinawa for two years was one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences of my life

Why photographs? Why not painting? Or poems? Or, for that matter, statutes or taxes?

I also dabble in other arts and I think it is all connected in my creative brain. I paint, I decorate, I refinished furniture, I write, I actually love doing my own taxes and I love to curl up with a good book. All these things inspire my photography. I suppose I love photography the most of all because it allows me to document the beauty I see around me. 

In-camera double exposure portrait of my sister-in-law. The second image is some awesome architecture and I loved the play on the eyes are the window to the soul.

Thank you Anna for sharing your story with us. We always love to learn more about an artists journey and style. Don’t forget to check out Anna’s page at @annarasphotos or link to her website at www.annarasmussen.com

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