It’s so hard to believe that one year ago February I was approached by Casey of Sharetographers and asked to consider taking over the running of the page.  She wanted to keep the name Sharetographers and I wanted to keep the idea of sharing only 6 images on the blog post.  So we came up with the name Share Six and I managed to find 4 other bloggers willing to join me in this adventure, Katherine, Kim, Brandi and Erica.

Over this past year, both Brandi and Erica needed to pull out of the group to focus on other commitments.  We were saddened to lose them but were also excited to have Kathy and Tori join us.

This last month Kim let me know that she needed to leave the group.  Her life has got busy with commitments she needs to meet.  We are very sorry to see Kim go as she has been a part of this group from inception.  We have enjoyed getting to know Kim and wish her well.  She knows she is welcome to ask to join again if she finds herself freed up to do so.

So where do we go from here…. 2017 is a new year and we have opted to make some change ups.

Throughout the past year we have managed to highlight 12 talented artists and we plan to continue to have the contributing blogger who chooses the theme, select a feature image to be highlighted on our Facebook Page Banner as well as the Webpage Banner.  We will also continue to interview the featured artist and share their images through the interview.

In addition we will also highlight 4 additional  Facebook images each month on the webpage with links to the artists Facebook page.

As we mentioned previously Instagram has been so active as well that we wanted to take time to share some images from there as well.  Moving forward we will be highlighting 4 images a month from Instagram feed with links to the artists Instagram page.

The next big change is to the group of contributing bloggers.  We have decided to add 4 new bloggers. We were thankful that all 4 that we approached agreed to join us and we look forward to blogging with them and sharing their takes on the theme each month.  Without further ado we would like to welcome to the group Aubrey, Claire, Elizabeth and Ceri. You can read more about them on the webpage. To go to their Facebook pages, click on their images.


Aubrey Dettmer of Applewood Photography



Claire Porter of Wilhelmina Photography



Elizabeth Wilson of It’s Still Life Photography



Ceri Herd of Ceri Herd Photography


We hope that you will continue to be a large part of the Share Six community and will continue to share your amazing talent with us.  We thank you for your commitment to this page.  You are what helps to keep this community moving forward.  We so appreciate you and the gift of photography that you share with us.

Look out for the upcoming blog on March 6 that will be the beginning of our larger blog posts.

~ Sharleen